Coco Montoya

Coming In Hot

Coming In Hot

Whether riding herd on a roadhouse romp, laying down a sweet, slow blues or blasting with blues-rock fury, Coco delivers the goods, with passionate, fire-breathing vocals matching his incendiary guitar pyrotechnics step for step.  It's hard-hitting blues-rock that stays with a listener long after the last notes die off. "In a world of blues guitar pretenders, Coco Montoya is the real McCoy. He exudes power and authenticity.  Be prepared to get scorched by the real thing" —Billboard

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Coco Montoya: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Mike Finnigan: Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer
Johnny Lee Schell: Rhythm Guitar
or Billy Watt...

Coco Montoya: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Mike Finnigan: Piano, Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer
Johnny Lee Schell: Rhythm Guitar
or Billy Watts: Rhythm Guitar (2, 8, 10)
Bob Glaub: Bass
or Mike Mennell: Bass (3, 4, 6, 7)
Tony Braunagel: Drums, Percussion (1)


Shaun Murphy: Vocals (7)
Kudisan Kai and Maxan Lewis: Background Vocals (1, 3, 5, 8)
Jon Cleary: Piano (2)
Wally Ingram: Percussion (8)

Produced by Tony Braunagel
Engineered by Johnny Lee Schell at Ultratone Studio, Studio City, CA
Mixed by John Porter at The Old Brewery House, Malmesbury, UK
Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Music Charting by James Rudolph
Photos by Ken Weingart
Packaging design by Kevin Niemiec

Coco Montoya thanks: My wife Lenora Montoya, for always trying to keep me moving in a positive direction and taking care of logistics—I couldn’t do it without you!; Jasmin Torquato; Donna Silje Skogen, my manager, John Boncimino, for his guidance and his belief in me; Ted Kurland, Jack Randall, Max Dvorak and all at The Kurland Agency for their hard work of keeping me on the road; Gwen Collins; Erin Fleming; Ronnie Baker Brooks; Wayne Baker Brooks; Pat McClure; The Basowski family; Mark Johnson and family; Marco Sanchez; Danny Cono; Joe, Sarah and Joey Bunetto; Large Al; Roger Naber and all at the LRBC; Mario Cruz, Eddie "Pickleneck" Phelps; Bill Welch and all at Moe’s Alley, Santa Cruz, CA; my cousin John Flores; Jimmy Romero and the Hellenbacks. My deepest thanks to Shaun Murphy for lending her beautiful voice to this project. A very special thank you to my road band: Nathan Brown, Rena Beavers and to Brant Leeper for over ten years of support on the road. Their creative contributions and commitment are much appreciated. For this I will always be grateful! And to all my fans who have supported and stuck by me throughout the years, "Thank You."

Tony Braunagel would like to thank all the musicians, songwriters, and engineers for their inspired performances, compositions and efficiency throughout the making of this album. Also, thanks to my dear friend Coco Montoya for trusting me with his music.

Coco Montoya thanks and endorses Steve Carr Amplifiers, Reunion Blues gig bags, Bob Burt speaker cabinets, Jim Dunlop and Dunlop Strings, Mason at Vertex pedals, and Leo Lopez Lakeland Bass company.

Rena Beavers endorses Sakae Drums, Bosphorus cymbals, Remo drumheads, Sledgepad, Carmichael Throne, and Ahead cases.

Nathan Brown endorses Kiesel Guitars and Tsunami cables.

Tony Braunagel endorses DW Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Remo Heads, Gon Bops percussion, Protection Racket and SKB cases.

Booking: Max Dvorak at The Kurland Agency, (617) 254-0007,

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    Track Name Duration  
Play Song 1 Good Man Gone
Author/Publisher:  Hambridge & Fleming, Tom Hambridge Tunes, ASCAP/Richard Fleming Music, BMI
Play Song 2 Coming In Hot
Author/Publisher:  Montoya & Steen, Mr. Squiggles Music admin. by Eyeball Music, BMI/Latersville Music adm. by Bug Music, ASCAP
Play Song 3 Stop Runnin' Away From My Love
Author/Publisher:  Paris, Jeff Paris Music admin. by Wixen Music Publishing, BMI
Play Song 4 Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home
Author/Publisher:  Collins, Eyeball Music, BMI
Play Song 5 Stone Survivor
Author/Publisher:  Egan, Jasben Music adm. by Pacific Electric Music Publishing, BMI
Play Song 6 What Am I?
Author/Publisher:  Haynes & Neel, Buzzard Rock Music, LLC adm. by Songs of Atlas Music Group, BMI/Bob-A-Lew Songs, ASCAP
Play Song 7 Ain’t It A Good Thing
Author/Publisher:  Robey, Songs of Universal Inc., BMI
Play Song 8 I Wouldn't Wanna Be You
Author/Publisher:  Sharp & Silbar, EMI Longitude Music Co., BMI/Universal-MCA Music Publ. obo Silbar Songs, ASCAP
Play Song 9 Trouble
Author/Publisher:  Miller, BMG Monarch adm. by BMG Rights Mgt., BMI
Play Song 10 Witness Protection
Author/Publisher:  Allison, August 8 Music, BMI
Play Song 11 Water To Wine
Author/Publisher:  Washington, Closed Session Publ., BMI
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